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Tracks search engine referrers and displays operational systems stats in real-time, lightning fast chart reporting functions. We analyse data about almost all of your website visits (not crawlers). User's screen size as well as color depth. analyze the client's operating system, which sites/urls are linked to your web pages and how many visitors they send, which country are they coming from. Users expect websites to have a website counter or at least a search function. With xtrastats it's 100% easy to know where your visitors are coming from and which actions they perform on your site, you can even monitor their click path. The comprehensive charts are easy to understand and updated in realtime. Use a calender to choose the days you would like to show stats for. You are able to update website settings plus creating additional accounts for all of your sites. Xtrastats provides advanced tracking for every type of website, it's flexible and highly configurable.

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